VTech Baby BM1000 Baby Monitor Review

VTech Baby BM1000
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  • VTech Baby BM1000
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  • Last modified: May 13, 2016
  • Quality of sound
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    Editor: 90%

Review Summary:

The monitor is basic, it will allow you to hear your child or elderly relative clearly and reliably but doesn’t have any thrills such as talkback, night light or lullabies. It retails at around £25 so is quite inexpensive. If your only requirement is to monitor your child’s sounds as they sleep, then this monitor is for you.

The VTech BM1000 uses DECT digital technology. This eliminates interference and white noise and ensures crystal clarity of sound so that you can hear your baby breathing and moving. The monitor has adjustable volume so you can adjust to the most suitable level. DECT digital sound has more clarity than an analogue signal with little or no interference. The monitor has a digital LED display so that it will light up when the sensitive microphone hears a noise. Perhaps you are listening to music, the LED display will catch your eye, the display has 5 levels so you will know how much noise is coming from your child’s room. This Vtech has a 50m range indoors and 300m outdoors so you can hear the baby wherever you are in the home, including the garden. It has an alarm should you walk out of range. The monitor comes with a useful belt clip for ease of movement. The sound has great clarity. The parent unit is portable and holds 14 hours of battery charge. The baby unit plug into the mains and there is a low battery alert sound.

Some customers said that as it is such a basic monitor it is suitable for travel, a night with the grandparents or a holiday. One customer said it was quite flimsy and would break if dropped while another said it was robust enough to pack up and travel with. Most were pleased with the sound quality and reliability of the monitor. It weighs 204g and the dimensions are 11.7 x 14.8 x 5.9, so it is large compared to some monitors. The monitor comes with rechargeable batteries and a mains adaptor included. A drawback seems to be that the parent and baby units interfere with each other when in close proximity emitting a high pitch sound. This is annoying if your bathroom is upstairs or you are tidying another bedroom however the parent unit is easily switched off temporarily if it is interfering with the baby unit. If you are overwhelmed by the number of high tech products available, this straight forward device might be for you.

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Clarity of sound
Great for travel


Quite flimsy
No thrills such as 2 way talk or lullabies

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