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Snuza Go Baby Movement Monitor
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  • Snuza Go Baby Movement Monitor
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  • Last modified: July 5, 2016
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Review Summary:

The Snuza Go Baby monitor is a movement monitor. However, the Snuza's unique design is that it is put on the front of the baby's nappy and so it is far more flexible and portable than other monitors. In addition the simple design means it is very easy to use, in addition it is battery powered.

The Snuza Go Baby Movement Monitor is a motion detector which tracks the baby’s breathing and alerts the parent if no movement is detected for a specified interval. Where the Snuza is different from other motion detector baby monitors though, is that the sensor is clipped onto the front of the baby’s nappy, with its flexible tip tracking the movements of the baby’s tummy as he breathes. This difference means that the Go Baby provides genuine mobility as it can be used in slings, car-seats, hammocks and swings as well as cots. It is battery-powered, with no mains power or leads, and comes with a battery already fitted, which is easily replaceable.

The parent can choose between a 15, 18 or 20 second interval before the unit alerts them, using both a visual, LED signal and a loud, audible alarm. An alarm will also sound if there are fewer than 8 movements detected in a minute.

This unit is ideal for premature babies, those with known respiratory problems, or those with reflux, providing peace of mind for the worried parent wherever the child is sleeping. Although it needs to be clipped onto the baby’s clothing or nappy so that the tip can feel abdominal movements, customers have found that it can be used even when the infant sleeps on his tummy or side, as well as on his back, without it being dislodged.

The Snuza is small but robust and due to its close proximity to the baby’s body, customers have reported fewer false alarms with this model than with many other makes and models of motion sensor baby monitor. The simplicity of its design makes it easy to set up and use, and less to go wrong, as evidenced by the high average user rating.


Senses breathing movements and alerts the parent to long intervals between movements with visual and audible alarms
No need for leads or sockets as it is battery-powered
Mobile and flexible, it can be used anywhere, wherever the baby is sleeping
Small and robust, with its own carrying case for travelling


This monitor consists of only one unit which stays on the baby, so the parent can't monitor from another room if out of earshot of the audible alarm
No video or smartphone capability
Replacement batteries must be bought separately and are non-standard
Some babies may be sensitive to the device touching them

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