Motorola MBP8 Review

Motorola MBP8 Digital Audio Baby Monitor
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  • Motorola MBP8 Digital Audio Baby Monitor
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  • Last modified: July 5, 2016
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Review Summary:

The Motorola model is a basic model but with some great features. It concentrates on high quality audio, and keeps it encrypted for peace of mind. In addition it has 5 LED lights on providing a visual clue to the sound. Featuring Motorola's distinctive brand styling, it is recommended for the parent who wants an affordable product.

The Motorola MBP8 is the cheapest and most basic in a wide range of Motorola baby monitors. One of the best-selling budget models, the MBP8 has a large volume of good customer reviews despite its low price-point. For parents who merely want a basic, one-way audio connection to their child’s room, this unit is ideal, without extra frills. Many reviewers have chosen this model for an older child, rather than a baby due to its basic features, and it is also commonly used to listen out for elderly frail relatives, pets, or burglars.

The parent and child units are both mains-powered, which many thought was an advantage due to not having to charge up battery units or worry about flat batteries, but some users found annoying as it could not be used in the garden and the parent’s unit had to be unplugged and re-plugged in if the parent was moving from room to room. Most did not find it a problem.

The 1.8GHz DECT technology gives a more reliable digital signal than was the case with older-generation, notoriously unreliable, wireless baby monitors. The sound is also encrypted, so that your baby can’t be overheard by other monitors in nearby houses. Despite this, some customers have experienced difficulties with signal, depending on location, layout, other wireless devices, and distance. The majority of reviewers have had no problems though.

This model has a range of 50 metres and an out of range warning so you can’t place the units too far away from each other by accident. The audio is also supplemented by an LED light-show on the parent’s unit whenever a sound is relayed, which is useful if the parent’s unit is in a noisy environment or if you want to turn the sound down.

The monitor also features a night light on the baby’s unit, which can be switched on or off.

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And finally, the pros and cons of this model are…


Cheap and cheerful, this is a basic model at a very reasonable price
Mains-powered so no fiddly battery charging
Digital wireless audio with a range of 50 metres and an out-of-range warning
Encrypted digital audio
Night light


Some users have experienced problems with signal leading to constant out-of-range warnings
Some reviewers have experienced problems with this model, including units breaking down
As this is the most basic model, it has no video, only one-way audio, no breathing sensors, no battery capability, and cannot be linked to a phone or tablet.

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