How to Sooth a Crying Baby

picture of a crying babyBabies will cry for any number of reasons, a dirty nappy, they’re hungry or lonely, or just want a cuddle. At the end of the day when you are dead on your feet, the last thing you want is a crying baby. Try exaggerated slow rocking to a long shhhhhhhhhh sound, dim the lights or put on a night light, turn off the TV or radio, close the curtains, let your child wind down, over stimulation is often a cause of fractious crying.

Baby monitors with night light and lullabies are often helpful to calm and entertain your child. One parent made a 48 minute recording of her saying Shhh which she says worked a treat. Try recording your voice with a lullaby perhaps, shhhing and other reassuring sounds and words. A night light show with music which puts coloured lights on the ceiling might calm your child. Speaking reassuringly through the baby monitor will help you realise if it is perhaps more serious.

A classic cause of long term crying is baby colic, which is trapped wind or gastric upset. Rub your baby’s tummy and put a little pressure on it to relieve the pain. Place him/her on their stomach or side for a while to ease the pain but do not allow your infant to sleep like this. Rub the child’s back to elicit a burp or raise the child’s knees up to his/her chest to elicit a bottom burp. Check the baby’s nappy daily to see if they are constipated. There are over the counter baby remedies for both colic and constipation. Lay the infant stomach down across your knee and rub their back, this can also help colic.

If your infant has a temperature, or is having difficulty breathing, breathing in grunts or wheezing, or if the baby feels floppy when you pick them up, or has a purple rash always visit your GP or call them out. It is better to be safe than sorry. A purple rash can be a sign of meningitis and breathing problems should never be ignored. Chances are all that is wrong is a cold which can be treated with cool compresses and Calpol.

If you have definitely ruled out that your baby is ill, try reading your baby a story, even very young babies enjoy rag books. Try a warm bath followed by a bed time feed. It could be possible your baby is lactose intolerant; experimenting with lacto free milk might be worthwhile pursuing. Make sure there is nothing in the bed, lumps in the mattress that is causing your child’s upset. Another method that works quite well is holding the child on his/he stomach whilst rocking them in an exaggerated arc. If the crying gets too much go away and sit in another room for a maximum of ten minutes and then come back to address the problem. Above all keep your patience, patience will win through in the end.

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