Angelcare AC401 Review

Angelcare AC401 Movement & Sound Monitor
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  • Angelcare AC401 Movement & Sound Monitor
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  • Last modified: July 5, 2016
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Review Summary:

Angelcare is still the bestseller in motion-detecting baby monitors and this mid-price model in their range is a highly recommended product for the parent who wants the extra reassurance of being able to remotely check on their baby's breathing during sleep.

The Angelcare AC401 is one of the biggest sellers in the Angelcare range which specialises in under-mattress motion and breathing sensors for the parent who requires the reassurance of knowing an alarm will alert them to any gap in their baby’s breathing lasting more than 20 seconds. This device also has the more basic audio monitoring, temperature display, night light, out of range alarm,and a choice of eight channels for optimal transmission. The Angelcare is a consistent bestseller and is rated highly by the majority of the parents who use it. This model is mid-range for price but the majority of customers have praised its value for money and most would recommend it to other parents.

The sensor pad which sits under the mattress is sensitive enough to detect tiny movements of the baby and provides constant reassurance that the child is still breathing without the need for repeatedly checking on the cot. A ticking sound can be set to demonstrate the unit is working correctly and an alarm sounds if no baby movements are detected. The sound function can allow the parent to hear all sound from the baby’s room, or a light display on the parental unit can give a visual indication of sound levels while the sound is muted,which can be useful if the parent is in a noisy environment.

This monitor is especially useful for the parents of premature babies who often experience breathing abnormalities, or those suffering from sleep apnoea or reflux, allowing a measure of comfort and reassurance that if the worst should happen, they would be alerted almost immediately. The large range of channels minimises the possibility that there will be interference in the transmission between baby unit and parental unit. An alarm will also sound if contact is lost between the units. The night light on the baby unit gives a soft light to enable checking on the baby.

The Angelcare must be installed properly to work correctly and some customers have found the instructions inadequate or confusing, or have found it fiddly to set up and test. It must also be ensured that the sensor pad is installed correctly, with the cord out of the reach of the baby, for example, wrapped round the leg of the cot and secured properly with cable ties, or there is a small risk the cable could pose a strangulation risk to the baby.

Some users have experienced problems with the battery use and function of the parent unit or reported that the build quality appeared flimsy, though the majority have had no problems with battery, reception or breakdown.

This model cannot be linked to a phone or tablet and neither does it have a video function.


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Highly sensitive motion sensor pad Audio monitoring capability Good value for money Night light Alarm if product is not working


Potentially complicated installation No phone link or video function

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