Angelcare AC1100 Baby Monitor Review

Angelcare AC1100
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  • Angelcare AC1100
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  • Last modified: May 13, 2016
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Review Summary:

With the worry of SIDS all too common this monitor will bring parents great peace of mind. The device has a built in thermometer so you know your child’s room is at the optimum temperature. On the whole this seems to be a reliable device. It retails at £149.99 so you are getting what you pay for.

The Angelcare AC1100 offers digital sensitivity to movement and sound. It uses an analogue signal for clear sound and features an under mattress sensor pad which detects all your child’s movements, the sensor cannot be used with memory foam or hollow framed mattresses. If there has been no movement for 20 seconds then an alarm will sound. The monitor can be mains operated or battery operated so that if there is a power failure the monitor unit will keep operating, 3 AAA batteries are supplied. There is a low battery warning sound and an alarm that sounds if you move out of range. The device has a 50m range indoors and a 300m range outdoors so you are free to move inside and outside your home.

The Angelcare AC1100 monitor features touch screen controls which can be used just like your Smartphone with colour LED display and a 2.5 inch screen. The video function includes zoom and rotate and offers full digital colour display, the camera has to be carefully set to see the subject. There is also an infrared night vision function so that you will be able to keep watch over your baby at all times.

Owners said the camera function was very reliable but sometimes the infrared flashed on and off, and also that the camera had to be positioned properly. Others complained that the technology on the handset was not great saying it could be as good as a mobile phone but was pretty basic. One owner was disappointed with the battery life, but as this plugs into the mains this shouldn’t be a problem. Most were pleased with the device saying the sensor pad had not given them any false alarms so was not overly sensitive. The sensor pad needs a wooden base in the cot to be able to function; some customers found this a problem.  Customers said it was very easy to set up which as a monitor with so many features is definitely a bonus.

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Crystal sound
Data encryption
Quality video image
Reliable video
Cot under mattress movement sensor
Fully portable, cordless


Tricky to set up, takes time Expensive

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